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Thank You, Carers

June 18, 2021

When it comes to life within Rosturk House LTD, there is very rarely a moment where our carers don't go above and beyond for all of our lovely residents. Whether it be through the level of care they provide, or through the activities and games they come up with and take part in, they are constantly making our residents smile, laugh, and enjoy their time at our homes. It is thanks to them that makes life across our homes so special. To highlight their incredible work, we asked a few of our carers across Peacehaven and Rosturk House why they chose a career in caring, and this is what they had to say.

"Following a period of time caring for a very close family member, I knew that it was the right career for me as I enjoy caring for people. I have done this job since I was 18 and would not want to do anything else." - Paula, Senior Carer
"I have always enjoyed caring for people and feel I have a caring nature." - Kim, Senior Carer
"I have always wanted to give back to people and feel with my caring nature this was the best way to do it." - Claire, Carer
"I started caring to make a difference in vulnerable people’s lives." - Katy, Carer
"I feel I am a very caring person and have a lot of love to give." - Michelle, Carer
"Having experience of a family member needing care and not having the knowledge of how to deliver the care this made me realise how much I wanted to go into care and gain the knowledge." - Lauren, Carer
"I became a carer because I enjoy helping people get on with their everyday life a little easier." - Mel, Carer

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