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Rosturk House's Very Own Honeybees

August 19, 2022

There's been a bit of a 'buzz' around Rosturk House recently as handyman Steve decided to get to work on a fantastic new project to introduce honeybees to the Rosturk garden.

A fantastic initiative to help the environment, a lot of great fun AND plenty of honey on the other end - what a sweet deal. A long time in the making, make sure you check out the photos of the journey below.

Setting up two hives to be the new home for our latest guests, the first colony of bees arrived shortly after, remaining in their Nucleus box so they can get comfy in their new surroundings before being transferred to their new pad in our hives. Regularly being inspected, with the helping hand of carer Danielle, Rosturk House was able to see the bees incredibly progress and all their hard work producing honey - and they were certainly working hard.

Not afraid to get their hands dirty, some of our residents made sure to lend a helping hand too - but only when they knew they could taste test some of the honey for themselves!

The final result is a batch of beautiful natural honey produced by Rosturk Houses very own hive of bees! Jars of our homemade honey will be on sale in Rosturk House, helping to raise money for our residents and allowing the team to reinvest in more bees to keep helping the environment and making much more lovely honey!

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